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This is a new puzzle that is considered a “Transition” puzzle because when it is solved, it answers part of another puzzle or gives a much-needed clue.

The video of it in action has been removed from YouTube in order to maintain its secrecy.

TransBlack has five colored pushbuttons. The code can be anything you want it to be. It is currently a five predetermined sequence of button pushes. Once the proper sequence is entered, it will open a secret drawer and give a note or token that will be used as part of the next sequence in your game room. This answer can be a number for a combination, a word as a combination or key to a cipher, or can be a phrase for the patrons to figure out it’s meaning or a token with an RFID chip in it as well as a magnet for a sensor.

This is an original product that was developed here at Escape Room 1 and we are the only ones to carry it.  Additionally, we are only going to sell a few of them so that those who do have one can enjoy the fact that their patrons will probably never have encountered it before. Once we sell the four that we have, I will take down my video on YouTube so that people cannot research this product to get an upper hand in solving it. The real fun of a puzzle is seeing the patrons interact with something totally new, don’t you agree?


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