What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is an experience that affects different people in different ways. It is a personal journey for each and yet a team effort that is shared as a group.

Technically it is where you are in a room (or group of rooms) and within this area, you and your team find clues that help you solve codes, puzzles, or lock combinations. Usually, but not always, you have one hour to solve the mysteries and escape the room.

Though this is “technically” what you are doing, the room somehow magically transforms itself into a virtual world where everyone is focused on the tasks at hand and this world, though for just one hour, seems to last much, much longer. The world it creates seems to take on its own reality. Maybe it is because you are using the solving part of your brain, or maybe it is because you are role-playing with a purpose, but for whatever reason, it takes you on a journey that lasts much longer than the hour you spent to live it.

Anyways, I started out trying to answer the question, “What is an Escape Room?” I think it is an escape from boredom, a room of adventure, a journey into the unknown, and a place in time and space that brings excitement and memories you just can’t find anywhere else.

Hope to see you there…